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Marietta Blue Runs Deep.

“Marietta as a community, Marietta as a school district has always been special, better, [and] different,” said Adrian Wright, MHS ’01, to his former Blue Devil teammate and fellow MCS employee Coach Derrick “Bup” Tinsley. The two recently reminisced about the historical significance of Marietta being back in the football state championship for the first time since 1967, the year Marietta was integrated.  


Tinsley, who was inducted into the Marietta High School Hall of Fame this year for his accomplishments as a student athlete, was coached in his early football years by a member of the original ’67 State Championship team, Coach Harold “Buster” Brinson.  

“Me personally, my little league football coach – I’ll never forget – he used to take me to all the Marietta football games, even when we moved away from Marietta. To have a coach be on the ‘67 state championship team, and personally introduce me to Coach Friday, and for me to play at Marietta the way I did…it brings everything back together, so I’m connected to it [in] more ways than one,” explained Tinsley, MHS ’01.

Coach friday on the Championship team in 1967

To celebrate the journey of the 2019 statebound Blue Devil team, Marietta is hosting a week of #bluedevilpride festivities. The outpouring of community support is no surprise to Wright, who was in the stands with other Blue Devil alumni supporting his team in their semifinal win over Parkview High School last Friday. 


“I sat in the stands, and you had that class of the late 60’s in front of me and sitting behind me was the class of the early 80’s, and what I ended up seeing was those two classes interacting as family members because they were all Marietta Blue Devils,” said Wright. 

As the final moments of the fourth quarter came to an end with the Blue Devils leading 42 to 31, the visitor’s side exploded into chants of “we’re going to the ‘ship!” Coach Tinsley, who is the current running backs coach, understands why the support runs so deep in this community. 

“The fact that we are here [the championship], every Blue Devil has still been there, it just hasn’t been our time, but now that we’re back, that’s why you get all the support, that’s why all the alumni are still there…everyone always has been paying attention to Marietta, because you know, back in the day, Marietta was the team to beat!” 

The legacy of #BeSomebody, started by Marietta coach Ben Wilkins in the late 60’s and popularized by Coach Friday, is now being built upon by Coach Rich Morgan who is guiding his players to make an IMPACT (Integrity, Mental Toughness, Passion, Accountability, Courage, and Teamwork).

It is the hope of the current coaching staff that, win or lose and whether or not they continue playing football, the current Blue Devil team will carry on the legacy of being somebody by having an IMPACT on their community. 

“That’s what really matters,” says Tinsley as Wright agrees. “When you have that Marietta blue on, when you run into anybody, it’s immediately a hug; not a handshake, we hug. Because it doesn’t matter what year you are, if you graduated in ’77 vs 2007, we’re all family members across the board.” 


MHS Blue Devil Marching Band Ends Competition Season on a High Note!

MHS Blue Devil Marching Band Ends Competition Season on a High Note!
MHS senior band members enjoyed an emotional last marching band competition as they recently traveled to the North Georgia Marching Band Championships at South Forsyth High School. This competition was the culmination of The Blue Devil Band’s most successful competition in recent years.
The Blue Devil Marching Banding won all awards in their division, including:
  • Superior in every category, Drum Major, Percussion, Guard, and Band overall
  • Highest score out of every band in the A, AA, and even the AAA divisions
  • Drum Major and Color Guards came in 2nd overall
In a previous competition the band was awarded the following:
  • Superiors in the Band, Color Guard, and Drum Major Categories
  • 1st place in their Division for Color Guard and Drum Major
  • 2nd Place overall in the Silver Division
Congratulations to the Blue Devil Marching Band for an incredible competition season!

MHS Theatre Students to Represent MCS at State Thespian Conference

MHS Theatre Students to Represent MCS at State Thespian Conference
Congratulations to MHS theatre students for being selected to represent Marietta City Schools at the State Thespian Convention in February.
The Georgia Thespians hosted auditions and interviews for All-State Theatre in September at Houston County High School in Warner Robins, GA. Each high school can submit 4 students for All- State auditions, and 3 of our 4 students were selected.
This is the first time EVER that MHS has had students selected for All-State Theatre.
Katie Lloyd and Carson Shearer were selected as All-State performers after a rigorous audition process that included dancing and singing, and Katie was chosen as a featured soloist.
Vesey Banuel was one of only 8 students in the state selected as All-State Tech Crew through an interview process and portfolio submission. He will help create costumes and sets for the performance at Thespian Conference in February.
Congratulations to these talented students!

Marietta Middle Students Named REACH Scholars

Marietta Middle Students Named REACH Scholars
On October 22, 2019 Marietta Middle School Students Angeles Mendez, Lariyah Ivory, and Santiago Roque Rios joined a select group of distinguished 8th graders when they were named REACH Georgia Scholars by Governor Brian Kemp.
The Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen (REACH) Georgia program pairs each student with an academic coach and mentor throughout their high school career. Upon graduation and successful completion of the program, each student will receive a college scholarship worth up to $10,000. This award can be matched by Georgia HOPE-eligible post-secondary institutions for a total of $20,000 per student. This year’s awards to MMS students was made possible by contributions from the Marietta Schools Foundation, Zaxby’s (John Silvey), and Roy and Kim Sheram.
The Marietta Mentoring for Leadership program facilitates the program and matches each student with a community member to mentor them through high school as part of the REACH Georgia program. Parents and guardians, in support of their children’s education, also sign the contract.
Please join us in wishing these amazing 8th graders the best as they tackle the next four years of high school and beyond!

Marietta Center for Advanced Academics Receives 2019 National Blue Ribbon Recognition

The U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) named Marietta Center for Advanced Academics (MCAA) a 2019 National Blue Ribbon School. Part of Marietta City Schools, MCAA is one of the 362 schools in the nation to be recognized in 2019 and was previously recognized in 2013.

U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, announced the list of schools today. The National Blue Ribbon Schools program celebrates school excellence and recognizes the overall academic performance or progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups. MCAA is recognized as an “Exemplary High Performing School” placing it among the state’s highest performing schools based on state assessments and nationally normed tests.

“It is my honor and privilege to serve the students, staff, and community of MCAA,” said Principal Dr. Tricia Patterson. “Being named a National Blue Ribbon School gives all those who work hard to remain Above the Line the recognition deserved. As an innovative model of STEAM education, we focus on developing students to be able to communicate and collaborate as they think critically to solve real-world problems in a creative way.”

Profiles of the 2019 National Blue Ribbon Schools can be found here:

All of the recognized schools will be honored by the Secretary and the Department of Education at an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. in November.

MCS Board of Education Recognizes Community Partner: Marietta Pizza Company

Marietta City Schools (MCS) is fortunate to have community organizations and individuals who continuously go above and beyond what is expected for our schools and students.
MCS recognized Marietta Pizza Company, at September’s Board of Education meeting, for continuously contributing their support to MCS students.
The Marietta Pizza Company, and owner Howard Wolfson, have been serving our school community and the city of Marietta for many years. For more than 13 years, the Marietta Pizza Company (MPC) has supported our District Student of the Month program, by donating a $20 MPC gift card to each Student of the Month.
MCS recognizes 13 students each year, one from each school, and even as the district has added schools and locations, like the Early Learning Center and the MAPS program, Marietta Pizza Company has not wavered on its commitment and support.
As an added bonus, Howard also awards each Student of the Month with a $10 gift card to Hawg and Ale Smokehouse in Marietta. This support of MCS students speaks volumes, and our students light up when they hear they have just been given a gift card to the Marietta Pizza Company and Hawg and Ale Smokehouse.
MCS is extremely appreciative of the Marietta Pizza Company of Marietta and Howard Wolfson for their continued support.

MCS Board of Education Recognizes Community Partner: Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home

The Board of Education is proud to recognize members of the Marietta community for their work and contributions in continually recognizing MCS staff.
MCS recognized Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home, at September’s Board of Education meeting, for continuously supporting and donating funds to benefit MCS.
Mayes Ward-Dobbins is a family owned and operated business that has been in existence since 1923. Mr. Terry Pendley and his three sons have owned the business since the 1980’s.
At every regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting, MCS recognizes an Employee of the Month by providing a plaque and check for $100. For more than 18 years, Mayes Ward-Dobbins generously donates this check to the MCS Employee of the Month.
In total, Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home has donated more than $16,000 to Marietta City Schools. MCS is extremely grateful to Mr. Chad Pendley, Director of the Marietta location, and Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home for their continued support of MCS staff.

Lockheed Martin Awards STEM Grant

Marietta City Schools (MCS) is proud to announce that Lockheed Martin recently awarded the MCS Office of Academic Achievement with a grant to provide funding for STEM projects for the district.
Last year, Dr. Jennifer Hernandez, Executive Director of the Office of Academics Achievements, wrote and received a grant from Lockheed Martin for $25,000 to strengthen the STEM pipeline. The grant focused on teacher professional learning and curriculum development.
And this year, Dr. Hernandez wrote and received a $10,000 extension to the grant, focusing on elementary STEM labs.
“The Office of Academic Achievement will collaborate with STEM lab teachers to create STEM resource boxes for school check-out that will be distributed to the STEM cohort of teachers for use on various projects,” said Dr. Jennifer Hernandez, Executive Director of Academic Achievement at MCS.
The resources boxes will contain curriculum and materials aligned to grade level standards, and the boxes will be available for school checkout in an effort to impact students at all schools.
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Kimberly Custance Named Marietta Community School Director

Kimberly Custance is a career educator who has served the children of our community since 2001. She is a results-driven and innovative leader with Pre-K through 12th grade experience. Kimberly served the Cobb County School District as a high school Social Studies teacher, Instructional Lead Teacher, high school and elementary school Assistant Principal, and Human Resources Supervisor for Elementary Schools. She is a dedicated servant leader, holding a belief that the schools are the foundation of any community, and as such, should be our greatest investment.
Kimberly earned her Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Education degrees at the University of Georgia. She completed her Educational Leadership endorsement program at the University of West Georgia and earned a Specialists in Educational Leadership from Berry College.
Kimberly and her family have resided in Marietta City for the last 18 years. She has a kindergartner in Marietta City Schools and three-year-old twins who are future Blue Devils.   kim

MHS AFJROTC Receives a Myriad of Awards

Marietta High School (MHS) has one of the largest, most decorated JROTC programs in the southeast United States. Their proud tradition of awards continued this past summer at the Converse College Leadership School, held in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Forty-four Marietta High School JROTC cadets attended the Converse College Leadership School, where they trained and competed against 307 cadets from 22 other schools from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The MHS JROTC program received a myriad of awards and recognitions including:
  • Cadet Kimberly Alvarado, received Overall Best Room Inspection
  • Cadets Kimberly Alvarado, Fatima Badillo, Danielle Davern, Flory Jimon-Castro, Erika Jimon-Castro, Crystal Martinez and Kaylee Vicente were selected as Outstanding Flight Drill (Seven out of 12 cadets selected)
  • Cadets Kimberly Alvarado, Rayshell Ali, Fatima Badillo, Erika Jimon Castro and Melissa Amaya were selected as Honor Graduates
  • Cadets Prosper Allen, Hector Barocio and Brittany Perez selected Outstanding Flight Cadre
  • Cadets Jamila Hughes, Vanesa Mijes and Brandon Reyes selected as Outstanding Logistic Officers
  • Cadets Khamari Chambers, Hayden Hicks and Viviana Rodriguez were all Leadership School Outstanding Evaluators
  • Cadets Jasmine Barker and Olivia Gould won Outstanding Squadron Commanders
  • Cadet Meagan Alfaro won Outstanding Group Commander Award
  • Cadet Charlotte Hettrich was presented with the Commander Eagle, the highest award given at Leadership School
Marietta City Schools is immensely proud of all 44 MHS cadets for their outstanding performance and wonderful display of leadership during the 2019 Converse College Leadership School.
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