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Marietta City Schools honors retirees with over 600 total years of service

Marietta City Schools (MCS) held its annual Retirement Luncheon, Wednesday, May 8, 2019, at the Chicken and the Egg Restaurant in Marietta, Georgia, honoring 31 retirees with a combined 635 years of service.

Of the 31 staff members retiring, more than half were able to attend the luncheon, along with a guest of their choice, each staff member was joined by his or her supervisor that shared stories of their years at Marietta City Schools.

“It’s important to honor those who serve the community and, in many cases, gave their entire careers to the school system,” said MCS superintendent, Grant Rivera.

“It’s not only their years of contributing to our classrooms and our schools, but it’s the sense of family that we have in Marietta,” Rivera said. “Today is about us coming together to honor and celebrate them, and I think equally as important is inviting their family and including them in the celebration.”