MCS Continues Relationship with Comer Yates and Atlanta Speech School

IMG_2861Marietta City Schools continued its commitment to advocating for strong practices to enhance literacy development in young learners during the month of March.

The district welcomed Comer Yates, Executive Director of the Atlanta Speech School, to collaborate with leaders from across the district during visits to Park Street Elementary School and Burruss Elementary School.

Mr. Yates and his team of experts spent the day conducting learning walks, reflecting and leading powerful conversations around language acquisition, and the building of the reading brain. Mr. Yates commented on the positive rapport between teachers and students evident in his walks at both schools.

He also congratulated administrative teams at both schools on the strong foundations built around phonological and phonemic awareness. Mr. Yates has been an active part of the conversation on best practices around the phonics and reading classrooms. He was the keynote speaker on the professional learning day on January 4, 2019, and spoke to all kindergarten teachers and paraprofessionals about the importance of building a phonological map for all students. He was a featured speaker at the district’s Get Georgia Reading Summit also held during the month of March.

Mr. Yates has been an incredible addition to the Blue Devil family, helping to plan and develop teaching strategies at the Emily Lembeck Early Learning Center, as well as the development and next steps for “phonics matters” and reading initiatives currently in place in the district. Marietta values this strong partnership as we continue to provide the best instruction for all our students.


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