Marietta City Schools Outpaces State and Nation in SAT Scores and Gains


African-American, Hispanic, and White Students all show greater gains than their counterparts throughout the state and nation.

SAT mean scores for Marietta City Schools (MCS) when compared to other public schools in the nation, outperformed other districts by 23 points. Students saw significant score increases in both Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math.

Compared to other districts in Georgia, Marietta outperformed the state in EBRW (+9) and Math (+8). Overall, Marietta High School (MHS) students not only outscored their counterparts throughout the state and nation but also grew significantly with a gain of 15 points overall from 2017. When compared to private/independent schools as well as public schools, Marietta’s class of 2018 also outperformed the state (+8) and nation (+4).

SAT2Comparing scores from 2017 to 2018 in public and private schools, Hispanic students across the nation saw no change in SAT mean scores and the same subgroup only saw a 6 point increase in the state of Georgia. In Marietta, however, Hispanic student’s scores surged with a 17 point increase, outpacing both the state and nation in growth. The same can be seen with African-American students who moved up 9 points, higher than the (+5) increase in the nation and (+8) increase by the state. MCS White students saw the largest jump in scores with that same subgroup increasing nationally (+5) and in Georgia by (+11), but in Marietta by (+37).

The class of 2018’s Erin Griggs, a third generation Marietta graduate and freshman Psychology major at Florida A&M University attributes her preparedness for the SAT to the rigor of her classes at Marietta High School. “At Marietta, we had the opportunity to take a diverse offering of classes including International Baccalaureate, AP, and Honors,” said Griggs. “The tough classes plus the academic support provided by our college advisor and tutors in the Student Life Center gave me a lot of confidence as I prepared for the SAT exam.”

Marietta also saw an increase in the number of students taking the examination with 251 students sitting for the test for the cohort of 2018, an increase of 35 students.

“While it is exciting to see our students performing better on game-changing exams suchClassof2018Stats (1) as the SAT, it is equally exciting to me to see more students being encouraged to take the test,” said MCS Superintendent, Grant Rivera. “When students are learning to their fullest potential, instead of being intimidated by these types of exams they embrace them, knowing that they are well prepared by our high school to succeed.”

Currently, 300 juniors and seniors are enrolled in the district’s new for-credit SAT prep course offered during the school day, and that number is expected to climb each semester. The Board of Education’s choice to hire a full-time college advisor also contributed to the number of students taking the exam.

“Access equals an increase in opportunity,” said Marietta Schools Board of Education chair Jason Waters, “And here in Marietta where our mission is to prepare students in such a way that they can maximize their career, college, and life opportunities, it is important that all students are encouraged to take high-stakes exams if they have dreams of attending post-secondary institutions.”

MHS Class of 2018

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