Marietta City Schools Sees Increase in ACT Scores; Boasts Student with Perfect Score

The number of Marietta High School students taking the exam increased from 171 to 210, the largest cohort of test takers in five years.


Marietta, GA – For the first time in three years, seniors in Marietta City Schools have out-performed their high school counterparts nationally on the ACT, with participation among test-takers increasing 22.8% from 2017 to 210 participants. The nation’s composite score is 20.8, compared to Marietta High School’s 21.2, and MCS students outpaced the nation in English, Reading, Science, STEM, and Writing.

Superintendent Grant Rivera, who pledged earlier this year to use his salary bonus towards helping students cover the cost of taking the ACT and other college prep expenses, was excited about the results. “I believe our dedication to test-prep during the Marietta High School school day as a for-credit class, in addition to the hiring of a dedicated college counselor who understands college admissions, is helping to move the needle for all of our students, especially those who desire a post-secondary education,” said Rivera.

Students from the class of 2018 continued to show increases in ACT scores according to the latest release, scoring an average of 20.9 in English, equal to the state, 22.0 in Reading, and 21.2 in Science, also equal to the state.

Looking at data from all Marietta High School test takers sitting for the ACT exam during the 2017-2018 school year, results include seven Marietta students who achieved perfect scores in Reading, three Marietta students who achieved a perfect score in English, two perfect scores in science, and one in Math. One student, Andy Chinuntdet, received a perfect score during the 2017-2018 school year, scoring 36 out of 36 on the national exam.

Marietta High School Principal Keith Ball explained that consistent support from everyone involved in a child’s academic life is the key to student success. “Hard-working students, dedicated teachers, and supportive parents all worked together to make this happen,” said Ball. “Our goal is to continue to improve by raising the bar and providing the support needed so all of our students can succeed and a college is a viable option.”

The ACT consists of curriculum-based tests of educational development in English, mathematics, reading, and science designed to measure the skills needed for success in first-year college coursework.

The ACT college readiness benchmark scores help determine whether students are likely to be successful in core college courses such as English Composition, Algebra, Social Science, and Biology. Students scoring 18+ on the English test, 22+ on the Algebra test, 22+ on the Social Science test, and 23+ on the Biology test have a fifty percent chance of obtaining a B or higher in the corresponding credit-bearing college courses. Approximately 68 percent of MHS seniors scored 18+ on the English test, 37 percent scored 22+ on the Algebra test, 50 percent scored 22+ on the Social Science test, and 36 percent scored 23+ on the Biology test. 


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