Marietta High School Air Force JROTC Receives Top Awards

20180821_BOE Recognition00082.jpgMarietta High School Cadets were honored this month by the Marietta Board of Education for bringing home top awards from the Converse College Leadership School earlier this summer.
Forty-six Marietta High School Air Force JROTC cadets attended the Converse College Leadership School, where MHS cadets trained and competed against 375 cadets from 26 other schools from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
The MHS cadets completed the leadership school experience by winning numerous awards during the annual awards ceremony.
Cadet Khamari Chambers was named the “Distinguished Graduate” (the top cadet out of 26 schools and 375 cadets). His combined scores in drill, uniform inspection, room inspection, academic testing and physical training for the week were superior to all the other cadets attending the leadership school.
Cadets Anthonie Rodriguez, Diana Martinez, Maritza Lopez, Hayden Hicks and Brittany Perez were all selected as Outstanding Flight Cadet/ Honor Graduates. These cadets were in the Top 10% of their graduating class.
Cadets Anise Bonilla, Viviana Rodriguez, Jamila Hughes, Kerin Segovia, Jasmine Barker, Chiamaka Nwigwe and Vanesa Mijes were additional Honor Graduates.
Cadets Meagan Alfaro and Deaisa Lathan were named Outstanding Flight Cadre.
Cadets Khamari Chambers, Maritza Lopez, Hayden Hicks, Hector Barocio and Alondra Perez Bonilla were all selected in the category of Top Performer in Individual Drill.
Cadets Hayden Hicks, Maritza Lopez, Brittany Perez, Kerin Segovia and Jamila Hughes were all selected in the category of Top Performer in Physical Fitness.
Cadets Charlotte Hettrich, Devin Morrison, and Rebecca Napier were selected as Cadet Leadership School Outstanding Evaluators.
Cadets Andrea Badillo and Alexandra Mares won the Squadron Cadre Leadership Award.
Cadet Rory James was awarded the Advance School Leadership Award.
Cadet Andrea Gasca was awarded the Advance School Excellence In Action Award.
Cadets Brandon Reyes and Cristian Alcantara won the school Outstanding Logistics Officer Award.
Cadet Joseph Major won the Outstanding Group Commander Award.
Cadet Emmanuel Glaze won the Deputy Commandant Award.
Marietta High School’s rigorous Air Force JROTC program continues to grow, boasting one of the largest, most decorated Air Force JROTC programs in the southeast United States.
Over the past several years, they have won numerous awards, with cadets going on to college and to serve in various branches of the United States military after graduation.

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